How Does a Short Sale Work and Legal Issues in FL

Selling your home isn’t always easy. You could have emotions attached to the house even though you know it’s time to move on. You might also worry about what you need to do to get your home sold based on your current situation. A short sale may be the right move for you and your family, but there can be a lot of legal red tape that surrounds this type of sale. It’s time to get familiar with the legal issues that may arise during the short sale of a Florida home to help you prepare. Understanding Read more [...]

How to Legally Handle a Business Dispute With a Major Florida Client

A business owner like yourself can dream of living in a perfect world where a firm handshake and verbal agreement is all you need to control the conduct of two parties involved in a business transaction. The problem is that dream may happen from time to time, but it can leave your business open to a lot of problems if there’s ever a dispute between business parties. That’s where correctly handling a business legal dispute with a major Florida client can come into play. Laying the groundwork before Read more [...]

Thinking About Buying a Second Home in Florida? Consider This First

Buying a second home can be a rewarding long-term investment. It can also be a major challenge. To ensure that a purchase like this is a beneficial and worthwhile endeavor, it is important to understand all of the legal and financial ramifications that such an investment entails. By doing a little bit of research beforehand, coupled with a little bit of legal help, you can be sure that your second home will remain a valuable addition to your personal wealth and financial portfolio. Consult with Read more [...]

Equitable Distribution in Florida Divorce Cases

Divorces are uncomfortable for anyone involved. There are a lot of emotions, including anger, hurt, desperation, exasperation and sadness. Both spouses may try to lash out at each other by trying to claim one piece of property belongs to a particular person. In Florida, a judge determines who gets what based on stipulations in Florida’s state statutes. Florida’s divorce law gives state courts a wide range of direction and discretion when it comes to dividing assets between two parties. Florida Read more [...]

Prime Benefits of Legal Organization of a Florida Business

The legal structure of your business determines a lot in terms of your take home return. And the various business types offer degrees of protection. Plus, the cost to establish different structures differs. An overall look at your goals along with a cost—benefit analysis of the legal entities under Florida law can be quite helpful. Make an educated choice by reviewing the options. The Simple and Inexpensive Legal Setups Often fledgling businesses are looking to choose the most affordable Read more [...]