Child Support

Whether you are pursuing child support or if you have been sued for child support you need to hire a qualified and professional lawyer to represent you in this matter. If you have a child support case with the State of Florida, Department of Revenue, and/or Office of Child Support Enforcement you should work with a lawyer to represent your individual needs.


Often the Department of Revenue will hire an attorney in these matters, but this attorney represents the Department of Revenue and not the individuals in the case.

In the state of Florida, child support is calculated in accordance with child support guidelines. These guidelines take into account:

  • Net monthly income of the parents
  • Cost of day care
  • Cost of health insurance
  • Percentage of overnight visits

Ansley Law Firm’s attorneys are experienced and compassionate in matters dealing with family law. We encourage you to contact a law firm who best represents you and your needs in these matters.

If you are involved with a child support issue or wish to file for child support we will be here for you, every step of the way. For swift and responsible legal advice please contact us right away!


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To Learn More about Legal Terminology used during a family law case as well as documentation you might need to prepare prior to meeting with an attorney, visit our Family Law Resource Page.