Paternity, by definition, is a legal action which identifies a child’s biological father.

However there are much bigger results from the implications of identifying a child’s father such as custody, visitation rights for the noncustodial parent as well as child support.


Whether you are a mother seeking paternity action to legally identify the father of your child, or a father attempting to establish a legal parent-child relationship in order to obtain visitation rights with the child, Ansley Law Firm’s team of family attorneys are here to assist in this process. We are experienced in legal family matters and will do our best to resolve the situation effectively.

If need be, we can help assist with DNA testing resources in order to prove the validity of a paternity claim. Throughout no part of the paternity process should you be without legal representation. We assist in locating paternity resources, as well as negotiating and drafting all necessary legal documents.

If you have been served with a paternity suit or need help with filing paternity actions we will be here for you, every step of the way. For swift and responsible legal advice please contact us right away!

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To Learn More about Legal Terminology used during a family law case as well as documentation you might need to prepare prior to meeting with an attorney, visit our Family Law Resource Page.