After divorce proceedings are over and judgments have been entered where the judge clearly defines the rights and obligations of each party, there are times when either party wishes to modify the ruling if circumstances have changed significantly or if you now meet statutory guidelines that would make a modification action pertinent.


There are a great number of situations where a post-dissolution modification apply. Here are just a few that we often encounter:

  • You feel that your children are in danger, being harmed, or neglected by the primary care giver
  • Visitation times and frequency are too limiting and wish to increase visitation rights or primary care giver wishes to further limit visitation rights of noncustodial parent
  • Child support is not being paid or is consistently late
  • If you are paying child support you might request a modification to have the amount owed reduced as your financial situation has changed.

When considering to file a modification, you need a legal team who can help you weight the benefits and negative impacts that could arise from the modification. Ansley Law Firm are experienced in family law and will help you determine what measures are needed to resolve the modification matter professionally and effectively. Modifications can be as costly and/or time consuming as the divorce process itself. Not all modifications require drastic action and often a short meeting with both parties can resolve the matter amicably. Always keep in mind, you and the other party are the ones who will ultimately decide to amicably resolve a matter of contention or let it escalate where drastic action is required. We do our best to always keep the matter progression towards an amicable resolution.

If you are involved with a post-dissolution modification or wish to file a modification we will be here for you, every step of the way. For swift and responsible legal advice please contact us right away!

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