For Rental Property Owners/Managers

Property management and rental ownership in the state of Florida is very complex and diverse since we have a large number of rental, seasonal, and vacation property as well as long-term rental property owners.  There are a number of actions a rental property owner may wish to take that will require the advice of an attorney.


Rental property owners often deal with eviction proceedings which require legal assistance filing the eviction request, court proceedings, and coordinating the eviction with county law enforcement. We will carefully review your case and make sure your request to pursue eviction is grounded and the tenant has in fact breached your lease terms.

Property owners also may want to simply establish a new, more thorough lease for new or existing tenants. We highly recommend you consult with an experienced legal team to draft or review your property lease to avoid leaving out necessary inclusions or important language that can protect you and your property.

Ansley Law Firm employs a dedicated team of real estate attorneys who can help assist in you all legal matters pertaining to rental properties. Our legal areas of focus are:

  • Commercial Evictions
  • Residential Evictions
  • Lease drafting or review

If you are a rental property owner or manager who wishes to pursue eviction or need help drafting and reviewing a lease, we will be here for you, every step of the way. For swift and responsible legal advice please contact us right away!

For our Destin Office please call 850-837-3777 to schedule an appointment today. For the Crestview Office please call 850-682-6829. Alternatively, you can Contact Us and fill out our Consultation Request Form and we will get back to you just as soon as it is possible.

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